Dr. Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski has vast experience as a speaker at events, press conferences and in TV interviews (f.e. in German national TV Channels RTL, SAT 1).

You can engage Bettina as a guest speaker for your event. She can speak on the following topics and can also customize presentations to meet your specific needs:

  • How to use coaching successfully for more efficiancy and better relationships as a leader
  • Success Strategies for Women in Leadership Positions
  • Work in the Multicultural Team
  • Expartriation- career booster or no return ?
  • Intercultural leadership and global mindset
  • Leading in Asia - cases from China and Japan
  • Strategic Planning - How strategical thinking and action support your own career

In addition, Bettina has experience elaborating on business and medical subjects for presentations, press conferences and TV/radio interviews and can support clients as a consultant in these areas.




What do participants from presentations say about Bettina?

ACCJ - Women in Business, April 8th 2010, Osaka
Coaching people towards success: How you can benefit from coaching – for your career and for a more fulfilling life

I was very proud to have been asked to speak at the inaugural “ACCJ Kansai Women In Business Program” in Osaka on April 8, 2010. This event attracted one of the highest percentages of female attendees of any ACCJ Kansai program ever.
Jiri Mestecky, ACCJ Vice President and Head of ACCJ Kansai, who attended the event, told me that he greatly enjoyed my presentation, also stating that, “Bettina's presentation was very educational, interesting, and a fantastic way to begin our series of Women In Business event.”

Bettina is one of the critical members of ACCJ Kansai Women-in-business who tries to create strong diversity cases to build business. Bettina kindly accepted our offer to be the 1st speaker of WIB's event where we attracted the biggest number of female participants in Kansai ACCJ's presentations. Her presentation on coaching was an eye-opening topic not only for females but for male participants and WIB got lots of compliments on our 1st event. Her story was really powerful for any professional who would like to use coaching as a way to grow their potential.

Marin Nogami, Director Primary Care, Astra Zeneca,  
former ACCJ Chair of Women-in-Business                        Certificate of Appreciation

                                                                                            Certificate of Appreciation

Effective Time management, Foreign Executive Women FEW Kansai,
November 18th 2010, Osaka

This presentation was thoughtful, practical and clear. The concepts were easy to understand and relate to and I went home determined to organise my time better. Since then I have spent less time on my email and more time doing more time with my son!

Esther Kodamo, President of FEW Kansai