Life Coaching

Coaching that deals with the “big picture” is called Life Coaching. Your coach will support you to set goals, realise your life plan and achieve success in both bigger and smaller challenges.

Life coaching is very individual. Many clients of Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski are coached in areas that are not directly related to her business experience.

In life coaching, there are many reasons clients come to us, including

  • Personal challenges
  • Issues in relationships caused by children or friction created by an unfulfilled desire for children
  • Questions of “what will I do when the kids are gone” arise after years of focusing on child-raising
  • A long-cherished dream requires a decision
  • Questions of “what now?” that cannot be quietly analyzed due to the busy-ness of daily life
  • A desire to find a life partner and wanting support during the search
  • The need to create a new life structure after a separation

Please contact Bettina for one free trial coaching session (via phone or skype):
Mobile: +49 (0) 174-3110529