Coaching before / after overseas assignment

Coaching helps your employee and his partner to integrate quickly and successfully in their new location

An overseas transfer offers many opportunities for your employee and your company, but also presents challenges. An overseas posting is successful when the employee can quickly integrate himself into the new location and successfully take action in the new environment.
In most cases, the employee receives support in the shape of language training and on-site assistance from a relocation company, in addition to some internal training.

At BAS-Coaching, we think that individual professional coaching complements these measures and enhances the successful integration of the employee on site, enabling him/her to see results more quickly in the new environment. Our experience also shows that coaching specifically for the accompanying partner allows her/him to more easily adjust to the new life abroad. As a rule, partners find such coaching even more important than language training in the early stage after arrival.
Coaching gives direction and focus to your employee and his partner as they adjust to their new environment.

What are the features of coaching for employees and partners who are transferred overseas?

  • Coaching ideally starts shortly before the transfer and covers a period of approximately three months after arriving at the new post. The coaching period can be modified for your employee and the business objectives and is discussed with the company at the outset. Coaching follows expeditiously and can be conducted by phone or via Skype.
  • The coaching goals are based on the targets of integration of your employee.
  • One main focus of the coaching is preparing the employee for differences in culture and business practices in the host country. The employee is then able to maintain a goal-oriented approach to new or unusual situations.
  • Possible leadership conflicts, which can originate from the nature of the new environment, can be anticipated or directly recognized and worked on.
  • The coaching also focuses on approaching contact with customers, authorities or employees in the host country with the necessary sensitivity and goal-oriented approach.
  • The individual situation of the transferred employee is noted by the coach so that coaching is given where it is most required.

The programme is also adapted for employees returning to Germany after a long period of working abroad. This ensures the quick re-integration of the employee and supports their success in the organizations domestic structures.

Coaching can be conducted in person, by phone or via Skype. An individual plan will be developed after a preliminary discussion with you.

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