Career Coaching

  • Are you searching for a new challenge? Would you like to develop your career or start in a new direction?
  • Are you preparing for your next career step?
  • Do you find that though your strengths have brought you far, they do not deliver the same results as in the past?
  • Have you taken a new position and find things are not running as smoothly as expected?
  • Do you recently feel you are no longer in the right position and want to change this?
  • Would you like to have a more positive influence on your team and in your company?

Many of our clients experience such thoughts and begin coaching based on their individual questions and objectives. In career coaching you and your professional career are the focus. Through the coaching, we will also encourage you to tackle “the bigger picture,” to attain long-term fulfilment.

You and your coach ― the coaching relationship

The success of your coaching requires optimal cooperation between you and your coach. The following principles form the basis of your coaching relationship with us:

  • The coaching focuses on you – your needs, goals and desires. The coaching is based on your existing strengths, your knowledge and your creativity and energy to reach the goals you have set.
  • Result-oriented. Early in the process, you will decide what results you want to achieve. A Coaching programme will be designed to support you in achieving those results.
  • Time of self-reflection, experimentation, growth and change. This process takes some time. Barriers, setbacks and frustrations may appear in the course of the programme. Your coach’s role is to ask direct, tough questions and to demand more of you than you demand of yourself. This will enable you to get into action, overcome possible challenges and achieve the goal you have selected.
  • Action-oriented. Learning occurs when you take action and observe the results your actions produce. Your coach will assist in designing actions for you to take that will help you learn, move forward, and reach your goals.
  • Commitment, accountability and willingness to accept feedback. For the coaching process to be successful, you must be willing to set goals to which you are committed, take action in a disciplined way, accept feedback and be held accountable.
  • Builds a foundation for continuous and sustained change. By drawing on who you are (and not trying to imitate someone else), the process creates a stable foundation for future growth and change.

How does career coaching work?

The coaching programme consists of four structured phases.

           1. Exploration

In this stage, you and your coach work together (often using assessment instruments and surveys) to get a clear understanding of your current situation and desired future state, including the capabilities the organization requires of leaders in your position.

           2. Commitment

In this stage, you choose goals for the coaching program and make a commitment to achieve those goals.

           3. Action

During the program, you will take actions to achieve your goals. Your coach will support you through regular conversations to design the actions, discuss the results, and provide feedback.

           4. Sustainment

The value of coaching lasts long after the conclusion of the formal program. By that time, you will have developed powers of self-observation and self-awareness that you can call upon to meet new opportunities and challenges as they arise.

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