Recommendations of customers

The following client recommendations were personally authorised in writing and are printed in their original wording. Some client’s desire confidentiality and we have kept names and positions confidential as requested. We thank our customers for trusting us and sharing their recommendations.

I started my relationship with Bettina whilst working as a researcher at the IZA Institute for the Study of Labor, in Bonn, Germany. Coaching was not something I had tried before and I was curious. After a few meetings with Bettina I was hooked!
In our coaching sessions we discuss many areas of life, from the professional to the personal. Some of the work related topics include: starting a new job – and before that, deciding what job and successfully securing the job; managing work relationships; negotiating over pay and conditions; learning to diplomatically get what you want at work; and much more. Some of the personal issues we have addressed include: practical things, such as moving countries; handling family relationships; money, and life, management; and, importantly, it has helped me to reflect a little more about what is really important to me. I have always been the kind of person who lives in the here and now. This has its good things, but also its draw backs. With Bettina’s help I have mastered (to a greater degree at least!) how to better plan for the future, whilst continuing to enjoy the now.
I really enjoy coaching sessions with Bettina. She is inspiring, challenging, honest and above all positive. I have recommended her to a number of friends who are as encouraging about their experiences with Bettina as I am.

Dr. Amanda Goodall, Senior Lecturer, Cass Business School, London.


I met Bettina in the INSEAD Alumni meeting in 2011 and decided to work with her due to her expertise in coaching area. During the coaching sessions we have defined the main topics per my individual needs and interest, such as communication, leadership, intercultural team management and etc. In addition to that, we also discussed Ad-Hoc topics in business/private life challenge. Bettina has supported me to further develop my skills as a leader in the multinational working environment and I have felt the results in my daily work with staff and colleagues. The coaching has helped me to improve my self-awareness, better understand the European perspectives and further develop myself in the professional and private life.
I trust Bettina very much and would recommend Chinese managers in Multinational Company to work with her as she has a high sensitivity for cultural differences.

A Chinese Manager in a Multinational European Headquarter in Switzerland

Bettina helped me in many ways... to overcome my fears, to embrace change ... always understanding and encouraging but also pushed when necessary .. changed my life.

Margard Ody, Information Manager at IZA (Institut für Arbeitsmarktforschung, Bonn)

As I just started with the 'Women in Business' workshops - a series of events from women for women - I was very deligthed to welcome Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski as our first speaker! We had a fantastic evening around the topic 'Self Branding' and all the feedback that I got was great. She had the ability to connect the different women and create a union and made it a very special and private event. An event where the women would talk openly to each other, share theire stories - without knowing each other! I am happy that she agreed on being part on the next workshop again.

Rebecca Steudler, Project Manager at the German Chamber of Commerce Shanghai

I have been lucky to benefit from Bettina's excellent and motivational coaching over the last year. Bettina has listened to me,understood me and then helped me to find the inspiration and insight to deal with the challenges that I have had to face. Her coaching has helped me focusand remain positive through what has been a difficult period of my life.
I was introduced to Bettina by way of a recommendation and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.
I think she is Brilliant!

Mark Goodall, Outdoor Sports and Toys at Toys R Us

I have worked with Bettina since my time as a researcher in Germany. The coaching included interview training, presentation training and intercultural training. Bettina helped me to understand the German business culture. I could see the results of the coaching almost immediately as I gained in confidence, particularly during inter-cultural exchanges. During this time, I was also able to obtain a new job in the UK. I have enjoyed working with Bettina very much. As I adjust to a new working environment in the UK, I know that I will have agreat guide and coach in Bettina. I can highly recommend Bettina as a coach.

Z.S. Academics from Pakistan 

I started working with Bettina when I was at a career crossroads/impasse - making the transition from private law firm practice to a management position in-house in the legal department of a major Japanese pharmaceutical company. Through my interaction with Bettina, I was able to clarify my self-expectations in my role as a senior foreign lawyer in a manner which has allowed me to bring professional value to my new employer, while successfully navigating cultural differences - most importantly, how to use my differences (gender, nationality, language) as a positive plus. Bettina uses an encouraging, action- oriented coaching style that challenged me to venture outside my own comfort zone. I felt challenged and safe at the same time working with her.

Lucinda Lohman-Oota (Senior Legal Consultant, headquarters of major Japanese Pharmaceutical Company, admitted in California)

 Bettina is one of the critical members of ACCJ Kansai Women-in-business who tries to create strong diversity cases to build business. Bettina kindly accepted our offer to be the 1st speaker of WIB's event where we attracted the biggest number of female participants in Kansai ACCJ's presentations. Her presentation on coaching was an eye-opening topic not only for females but for male participants and WIB got lots of compliments on our 1st event. Her story was really powerful for any professional who would like to use coaching as a way to grow their potential.

Marin Nogami, Director Primary Care, Astra Zeneca, former ACCJ Chair of Women-in-Business

Working with Bettina over the last year has enabled me to create a plan for my business so I can share my passion with others. As a result, my energy level is high and my vision is clear. To find this path, Bettina gave me tools to tackle the hidden blocks that were keeping me from growing my business. Her coaching gives me just enough “push” and accountability to keep me moving toward my goals and keep my inner saboteurs at bay.
In addition to individual coaching, I’ve benefit from Bettina’s group presentations and workshops. As a presentation coach, I especially appreciate her ability to connect with her
audience. She has a perfect combination of professional expertise and accessibility that encourages participants to open up and interact. In workshops, participants experience her compassion and understanding of the challenges they face, both at work and in their personal lives, as she encourages them to be honest about what they want and how they can achieve their goals. I strongly recommend Bettina as a coach for professionals aiming to realize their full potential.

M.A. Jorgensen (US) , Presentation Trainer, Osaka, Japan


I started working with Bettina soon after I got promoted to a director position. This promotion involved relocating my husband and two pre-school children back from the US. I needed assistance in proving myself in my new position while not sacrificing my family. I also
needed further developing my leadership style, and help my family re-integrate themselves back in Japan. The coaching with Bettina was successful in both work and life aspect. In her approach she leads you safely as being with a good friend but she can be tough when she needs to be and forces you to go out of your comfort zone. She helped me set good goals, and she followed through. Before starting coaching I read fair amount of self-help books but I really appreciated coaching, which takes it to the next level of experience.

Director, Japan subsidiary of a US Pharmaceutical Company


I personally know Bettina as a coach from her very beginning here in Japan. She can create a good rapport with people from all backgrounds. I enjoyed meeting Bettina and working with her and wish her all the best for her time in Europe.

Kay Kobayashi, Director of Human Resources, Hilton Osaka


I started my coaching with Bettina more than 1, 5 years ago. When I was young my dream had been to become a writer. However while the years went by (I got married, had two boys and two old in-laws) the dream faded away.
After the in-laws passed away and the two boys left home, I suddenly felt very empty. I thought I had no energy for my own future. When I started coaching, on the second day, I suddenly realised that I could have a more fulfilled life.
Bettina helped me to organize my projects, to write stories and poetry again. I do not feel empty anymore. I am able to spend much happier days than before I came to know Bettina.
She is respectful, sensitive with a huge hospitality. She showed me the target clearly like a brilliant torch. I enjoyed every minute of our coaching. Thank you to my coach!

Yoko Nakai, 62 years old, Writer, Kobe, Japan


Thank you very much Bettina for your training, consultation and provided the opportunities to enable me to meet with the very capable women and exchange/ stimulate each other. I have been respecting your coaching style which is not one way lecture and well organized
- give the basic guidance
- set the atmosphere to enable people to perform the best under the non constraints situations
- exercise with the participants
- internalize the principle and encourage to realize in the real situations
- guide to use the learnt skills in the real life
Your personality with the maturity which is always principle based, demanding yet allowing people to open up themselves helped a lot and I myself personally enjoyed joining the session.

Kayoko Ujiie, Division Manager (BUCHOU), Marketing & Communication Division, Rohto Pharmaceutical Company, Tokyo


Professional Women's Group Kobe - Seminar "Time Management" - Nomen est omen!
Als berufstätige Mutter mit 2 Kindern habe ich oft von allem zu viel - nur nicht von Zeit.
Da kam das Seminar "Time Management" in mehrfacher Hinsicht gerade recht: Zum einen wurde es abends angeboten und zwar für eineinhalb Stunden. Das ließ sich gut einrichten und hat mich nicht schon bei der Planung in Stress versetzt. Die Untertitel "gain time for yourself and what you really want" traf genau den wunden Punkt, nämlich inwiefern kann ich selbst das Defizit meiner Zeit beeinflussen!?
Das Seminar übertraf meine Erwartungen. Der offene Austausch mit Frauen in ähnlicher Situation, das Erarbeiten kurzer Sequenzen im Dialog bis hin zum individuellen Brainstorming haben die eineinhalb Stunden sehr effektiv gemacht. Durch die interessante, humorvolle und wissensreiche Führung durch das Thema hat Frau Al-Sadik den Teilnehmern innerhalb kürzester Zeit Anregungen, Optionen und viel Nachdenkenswertes mit auf den Weg gegeben. Die Verbindung von Theorie und Praxis war absolut gelungen und hat sofort dazu geführt, das Erarbeitete (erfolgreich!) anzuwenden.
Danke für gelungene und lohnenswerte 90 Minuten!

Corinna Grenda, HR, Bayer Yakuhin, Japan


Her coaching is very universal; you feel multicultural, yet see yourself as a woman/man living on a planet. You can see your challenge or issue through different angle/dimension.
I never imagined that I could overcome my obstacles and finally see a brilliant result with a new challenge. I like those who feel lonely to solve your issues or almost give up, please try it.
Her advises help me a lot and yet her words, ‘I am on your side’ led me to face a real challenge.
During the coaching, you will see your strength/courageous and also your weak/dark points but through her advices you will able to admit/accept both of thempositively.
Very practical coaching system : creating your profile, setting target, action plan for real target and feedback including lessons learned. Most of people including me look at the issue which may not be important or critical. Observation of the fact and course correction are part of her coaching. Ad-hoc issue can be treated as an urgent matter.

Sachiyo Kuramitsu, Air Liquide, HR Manager 

Bettina designed and moderated a workshop on "being strategic- how to use strategy to develop yourself" for our Annual meeting with 25 participants from all over Asia. The workshop was an important part for the participants as it gave them opportunity to reflect on themselves and also provided some techniques to assist them on developing or enhancing their strategic skills to be used on the personal life and professional careers.
We were very pleased with Bettina's work. She has designed the workshop based on the outcomes we wanted to achieve, she managed to involve the audience and keep them motivated throughout the exercise and facilitated the discussions effectively.
Karin Ramos - Regional Patient Safety Quality and Compliance Advisor,

Astra Zeneca, Asian Headquarter, Australia


Ich möchte mich von Dir verabschieden und danke Dir für stimulierende Ideen. Du hast uns Frauen gezeigt, dass alles möglich ist, man muss nur den Willen haben. Du bleibst ein Vorbild für mich.
Ich wünsche Dir einen guten Start in Düsseldorf und alles Gute für Dich und Deine Familie. Außerdem viel Erfolg weiterhin für Deine berufliche Laufbahn. Wir werden Dich vermissen.

Rebekka Magnus-Dottier, Lehrerin aus Island, Frau des deutschen Konsuls in Osaka und regelmäßige Teilnehmerin am deutschen Wirtschaftskreis in Osaka


Bettina's coaching has been such an empowerment for me. She brought out the many positive aspects inside of me which were out of control before. Thanks to her, I learned how to maximize my performance and became more prepared for any challenges.
Through Bettina's coaching, I have gained more control over life. Her practical approach helped me not only dealing with the issues I was facing in that moment, but also becoming more prepared for further challenges. Her encouragement enabled me being more comfortable and focused on realizing things I want.

S. T., Human Resource Manager, Major German Company in Kansai


I know Bettina as a member of the Kobe international book club and from her start-up activities since 2007.
She took a leading part in presenting and discussing various international literatures during this time. I admire Bettina’s insides and knowledge that she brings to our discussions. With her openness she brought different perspectives to our group. She not only extended her views on the subjects but also always created human warmth and a deep understanding of other perspectives.
I have mentored Bettina from her starting of her coaching and training business here in Japan. I admire her energy and enthusiasm very much. She would never give up in reaching her target. Also I feel that she has the sensibility to work and develop Japanese people. I trusted her to coach a very good friend of mine and saw the chances in the life of this friend after the coaching went on. I will not hesitate to give her more recommendations in the future.

Maco Yamaoka, Kobe/Japan


I worked with Bettina during her certification process. The idea of coaching was exciting. Starting with a new experience to go forward in my work plan, but not being familiar with the coaching process I gave it a go on a trial basis. I found out as we went along that it is very empowering. Bettina, the coach, forces you to re-think obvious strategies, gets you to say aloud what you are thinking. I found out that I had it all along within me, but it was the gentle prodding, the continued questions, the getting back to what mattered by my coach that helped me go back on track and outline the future goals and strategies.
Bettina is very personable to work with and even though her manner is friendly, she will keep on going back to the subject at hand until she gets it out of you. So I recommend anyone to give it a try, you will find your efforts rewarded.

Marie Rose Hajjar (Lebanese), Owner of Global Trading Co., Kobe, Japan